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Enduro Report – Nov 2006

November 2006


Lap Report
Pace Lap Pace lap, Steve Paulauskis on pole leads 29 karts, Kirk Schenck will start late with a battery cable problem.
Lap 1 Start lap, good line up, the flag man holds the pack for a few seconds. Karts fan out six wide but everybody makes the first turn and lap. Don Lee leads first lap.
Lap 2 Jeff Catlin leads, Samantha Vesperman drops out with engine troubles, William Pfeifer pits with a flat tire.
Lap 3 Paulauskis leads, Schenck joins race.
Lap 4 Paulauskis still leads, a group of 5 karts starts to separate from the pack.
Lap 5 Paulauskis maintains lead, Don Lees engine seizes for the first time, he restarts and continues.
Lap 6 Darren Young spins and cannot get restarted, William Pfeifer rejoins race.
Lap 7 Bill Pyles catches lead pack, Paulauskis still leads.

Lap 8 Heavy drafting in lead group
Lap 9 Jeff Catlin leads.
Lap 10 Tom Tanner leads, Carlton Peterson drops out with engine trouble.
Lap 11 Paulauskis leads again.
Lap 12 Lead group works through lapped traffic.
Lap 13 Don Lee works back up to 12th place.
Lap 14 Lead pack consists of Paulauskis, Tanner, Trubey, Pyles, Catlin, and O’Clair.
Lap 15 Lee Buchanan passes William Herr for 9th place.
Lap 16 Nothing happens – people just racing!
Lap 17 William Pfiefer passes Kirk Schenck.
Lap 18 Again, just racing.
Lap 19 Busy lap. Don Lees engine seizes – again. He continues – again. Matt Lake hits the outside wall coming onto the front straight. He’s OK, the kart is not. Matt directs traffic for a few laps.
Lap 20 Larry Davis passes Don Lee for 19th place.
Lap 21 Tom Tanner leads, William Pfiefer and Kirk Schenck pass Bill Pfiefer.
Lap 22 Paulauskis leads again.
Lap 23 Herr passes Buchanan for 9th place.
Lap 24 Lee passes Davis.
Lap 25 Tom Tanner drops out with engine problems. Dal Truby moves to second place.
Lap 26 Hot racing action!
Lap 27 Paulauskis extends his lead.
Lap 28 More hot racing action!
Lap 29 Lee Buchanan drops out with engine trouble.
Lap 30 O’Clair passes Catlin for 4th.
Lap 31 Running order is Paulauskis, Trubey, Pyles, O’Clair, Catlin.
Lap 32 Catlin passes O’Clair for 4th, Paulauskis wins by 15.7 seconds.

Steve Paulauskis 1 SFT
Dal Trubey 2 SFT
Bill Pyles 3 SFT
Jeff Catlin 4 SFT
Tim O’Clair 5 SFT
Bryce Hatfield 6 SFT
Randy Quismrio 7 SFT
William Herr 8 SFT
Marty Anthony 9 SFT
M. Sterling 10 TAG
Mike Laycook 11 CHL
Nick Powell 12 TAG
Lee Buchanan 13 SFT
Kurtis Pfeifer 14 SFT
M. Giraldi 15 TAG
Tyler Riddle 16 CHL
Micheal Yanez 17 TAG
Don Lee 18 SFT
Larry Davis 19 TAG
Ken Tanner 20 TAG
Rick Hadley 21 TAG
Mark Fulton 22 SFT
Kirk Schenck 23 SFT
Bill Pfeifer 24 TAG
Tom Tanner 25 SFT
William Pfeifer III 26 SFT
Matt Lake 27 TAG
Carlton Peterson 28 CHL
Darren Young 29 SFT
Samantha Vesperman 30 CHL

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