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Event 9 – Enduro

Nov 2009 Enduro

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Nov 2009

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November Endurance race requirements.

  • No mandatory stops.
  •  9 liter maximum fuel capacity (2.37 gallons) for TAG and Shifter groups. This is equal to the largest normally available plastic tanks.
  • No unusual fuel line or filter set ups.
  • No auxiliary fuel tanks.
  • Chain oiler must be of suitable volume and construction.

Refueling Rules

  • Fire extinguisher required if you are going to refuel.
  • Driver must be out of kart.
  • Must stop by line one.
  • Gas cap must remain on until the driver is out of the kart.
  • Must push to the service area to refuel or work on kart.
  • Kart must be pushed past line two to restart.
  • Only two people may work on the kart, either the driver and a crew member or two crew members.
    No pressurized refueling systems.
  • Recommended that no more than 1 gallon be added when refueling.
  • Driving past line one, starting kart in the service area, to many people working on the kart and large fuel spills will be penalized.

Well, those are the rules. I’ll explain a little about each one.

No Mandatory Stops

If you can make it without stopping, go for it. Our two most popular groups probably will probably not make it without stopping. Of the other two, most Superkarts need more than 9 liters of fuel to make our short races and some Challenge karts can go all day on a single tank!

9 Liter Maximum Fuel Capacity

We don’t want anybody to have to go out and buy a special set-up for one race a year. It’ll save you money, Honest!

No Unusual Fuel Line or Filter Setups

This is mainly a safety thing. A bunch of fuel line loops and a truck fuel filter zip tied on just ain’t going to get it.

No Auxiliary Fuel Tanks

See the statement after the 9 liter max fuel capacity. If you insist on running one you’ll be bumped up to the Superkart group.

Chain Oiler

Some people need a chain oiler. There are lots of ways to do it. Please do it the smart way so the back of your kart and the driver behind you is not covered with oil. We’ll be looking for obviously unworkable setups. For example: A can of 30 wt. in the drivers lap so he can pour as he drives is not going to happen.

Now for the pit stop / refueling procedures.

Fire Extinguisher Required

It’s always a good idea to have one around and you can share with the other crews. Dry chemical seems to work best..

Driver Must Be Out Of The Kart

This is standard procedure for all of karting. We don’t have fireproof suits on and our re-fuelers don’t either.
The car groups require their guys to have a full three layer suit on all because they drive to their pit area and don’t get out of the car. If you need help getting out of the kart for your stop, there will be people around to give you a hand. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to find some friends to help you though – you do have friends, right?

Must Stop By Line One

We’ll show you where line one is at the meeting. Not sure if it will be marked with tape or cones but in either case, this is the line you must stop by. Not stop on or go skidding across. This is the area you have to get out of the kart at. That means there will be people there.
If you make people jump when you pull in you can expect a penalty (more on that later). If you are going to help a driver out of a kart, don’t be hanging around that area. Wait until they pull in and then step up to help.

Gas Cap To Remain On Until Driver Is Out Of The Kart

This is because I saw a guy come in for a fuel stop one time and he was reaching down to get the cap off while slowing down from around 60 mph. He was paying about as much attention to his driving as a driver of a minivan full of kids who’s talking on a cell phone! It was a bad idea then, it’s a bad idea now. You don’t get to do it.

You Must Push The Kart To The Service Area

That’s the area between Line One and Line Two. Please don’t stop just inside the line and block the way for other racers. This goes for both ends of the service area. You can do any kind of service you would like in this area except run the kart. While your pushing the kart to be serviced, please don’t run. A brisk jog is OK but you can still get into a crash in the pits.

Kart Must Be Pushed Past Line Two To Restart

We can’t have any running karts in the service area, and don’t get in the kart until the kart is past the line. This is all to avoid a big scramble of people and karts in a tight area. We don’t want any toes run over.

Only Two People May Work On The Kart

Like it says. Only two people can work on the kart at any one time. The driver and a mechanic or two mechanics and the driver stays back to get a drink of water. Just trying to keep the pit lane from having a bunch of people milling around.

No Pressurized Refueling Systems

The intent here is to use your regular refueling stuff. No giant gravity fed towers, no F1 style pressurized quick disconnect setups. A fuel jug and a funnel, or a jug with a hose on it.

Recommended That No More Than 1 Gallon Be Added When Refueling

If you’re trying to hurry and hold the funnel and wrestle a full five gallon jug of fuel, your going to make a mess.. If you only have the amount of fuel you’re going to need in the jug it’ll be a lot lighter and easier to handle. You can also use a couple of 1 gallon water jugs and pour from them. It’s easy to lift and there’s just not that much that can spill.

Penalties – This is the part we don’t want to have to do.

  • If you drive past LINE ONE,
  • If you spill a large amount of fuel,
  • If you start your kart in the service area,
  • If the driver is in the kart as you push it over LINE TWO,
  • If you run into another kart in the service area,
  • If you run into another kart as you stop for LINE ONE or make people jump out of the way

You can get a penalty.

What will the penalty be?

It depends on how big of a mistake gets made. You can count on at least a lap, maybe more. How will we know? We have observers watching the pit stop process. No I won’t tell you who they are, it’s sort of a “secret shopper” kind of thing. If you make your stop in a quick but controlled manner and don’t go crazy trying to save a couple of seconds you’ll have no problem.

Here’s how I see a pit stop happening:

  • Driver decides to make a pit stop.
  • As the driver passes under the pedestrian bridge going into the tower turn, they move over to the right and raise a hand to signal other drivers.
  • They turn off into the marked off lane on the outside of the tower turn and they slow down!
  • They come to a safe stop before LINE ONE.
  • The engine is shut off.
  • The driver gets out of their kart, they can be assisted with this.
  • The kart is then pushed over LINE ONE and to their selected service area.
  • The gas cap is removed and the kart re-fueled.
  • Gas cap is replaced.
  • Kart is pushed past LINE TWO.
  • Driver gets in the kart.
  • Kart is restarted.
  • The driver proceeds down to the track entrance and back onto the track.
  • Drivers stay to the right side of the track until they are back up to speed.
  • If there is a problem the starter may hold the kart.

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