Roadracing in Arizona & New Mexico


There are quite a few forms of Karting.

There are “Sprinters” that compete on short, tight twisty tracks (whether indoor or outdoor) and there are groups that drive on asphalt and dirt ovals.

Then there is Road Racing or Enduro. We run on the BIG car tracks. Here in Arizona that primarily means the three tracks at Firebird Raceway. Southwest Karters is running under the sanction umbrella of ProAuto Sports (PASA) and their affiliation with the American Speed Association (ASA).

We also participated with PASA in the annual St. Johns Grand Prix which was held on the runways and taxiways of the St. Johns, AZ airport.

We have also hosted events at Phoenix International Raceway and Arizona Motorsports Park.

Since we are in IKF Region 7 we will also make trips to Nevada and California to run on tracks like the California Speedway and the various tracks at Willow Springs.