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F1 Mag 2006 Q4



November 2006
A Special Best of… Segment

[youtube: 320 240]Alonso First Lap Hungary 2006 [youtube: 320 240]Mika’s pass on Schumi: Spa 2000
[youtube: 320 240]1978 Long-Beach Patrick-Depailler [youtube: 320 240]Patrick Depailler at Monte Carlo in Tyrrell P34
[youtube: 320 240]1963 F1 Onboard Jim Clark @ Oulton Park [youtube: 320 240]Alonso 130R
[youtube: 320 240]Hockenheim 2003. Raikkonen (McLaren) Vs Montoya (Williams) [youtube: 320 240]Top 15 Best F1 Overtakings
[youtube: 320 240]Nigel Mansell passes Gerhard Berger on the outside of the final corner of the final lap! [youtube: 320 240]The two greatest Brazillian F1 drivers fighting for leadership at Hungary in 1986
[youtube: 320 240]Senna walking out of Safety Briefing [youtube: 320 240]Full lap with Senna on Suzuka Circuit in a Honda NSX
[youtube: 320 240]Jackie Stewart asks Ayrton Senna about his frequent contact with other drivers [youtube: 320 240]Ayrton Senna – monaco 1991 – Onboard (pole lap)
[youtube: 320 240]Ayrton Senna has the best opening lap at Donington in 1993 [youtube: 320 240]Fangio makes up a minute for the win
[youtube: 320 240]The battle between Jack Brabham and Jochen Rindt on the GP from Monte Carlo in 1970. [youtube: 320 240]Ronnie Peterson fights with Patrick Deppailler to take the lead and Checked Flag Of the 1978 South African Grand Prix.
[youtube: 320 240]David Coulthard crashes into the pitwall whilst leading the Australian Grand Prix 1995. [youtube: 320 240]A drunk Kimi almost falls off his boat
[youtube: 320 240]Montoya voices his opinion of Kimi (adult content) [youtube: 320 240]Scott Speed describing his previous night (adult content)
[youtube: 320 240]Schumacher Knocks Down His Team [youtube: 320 240]Piquet and Salazar crash with Murray Walker live commentary as broadcasted by English TV in 1982
[youtube: 320 240]Fontana says he blocked JV to help Shumi [youtube: 320 240]The collision between Michael Schumacher and Damon Hill in the final race of the 1994 world championship, with Schumacher leading by one point.
[youtube: 320 240]This video pretty much sums up Schumacher’s Monaco 2006 GP [youtube: 320 240]Schumacher comes out of the pits and hits Frentzen

December 2006

[youtube: 320 240]

Schumacher and Massa Dirty Dancing in Brazil

[youtube: 320 240]

Hunt describes what vicoty means to him

 [youtube: 320 240]

Berger adjusting a non-adjusting mirror

[youtube: 320 240]

Final lap pass in Suzuka 2005 with finnish commentary

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