Roadracing in Arizona & New Mexico

Race Results

April 2007

A full moon and April Fools Day!

Perhaps it was that combination that made for an eventful day. Once again a record turn out.
        It could’ve gone better.
        But we learned a bunch of things.
        And we can fix them.
        The line ups will be better – Sorry ’bout that.
        The pit area will be better – Main Track!
        The race will be longer – 30 minutes.
        We will all have a better understanding of how we do things.
        Be ready for a meeting in the morning.
        We will get done earlier in the day.
        Can’t help you on how hot it will be.
        The race will only be on May 6th.
        None of the other tracks were available on Saturday.
        Of course Friday practice is available.
        We’re looking at different track configurations too.
        As usual, the results will take a few days.
        The top finishers are correct though.
        Info about June/Fontana will be here soon.
        Looking like a kart only deal for us right now.
        That was NOT our usual event.
        Better next time, right?