Roadracing in Arizona & New Mexico


Welcome and please feel free to look around.  We are always happy to greet new faces and get you out racing with us.

Please come out to the track at one of our events to visit and see what we are all about – laid back, relaxed and having a good time at the track with friends (while in the paddock) and close, fast wheel-to-wheel racing on the track (keeping it clean – rubbin ain’t racing).

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What’s Different About SWK?

There are quite a few forms of Karting.

There are “Sprinters” that compete on short, tight twisty tracks  (indoor or outdoor).  There are groups that drive on asphalt and/or dirt ovals.

Then there is Road Racing or Enduro.  We run on the BIG car tracks.  Here in Arizona that primarily means the three tracks at Firebird Raceway. Southwest Karters runs under the sanction umbrella of ProAuto Sports (PASA) and their affiliation with the American Speed Association (ASA).

We also participate with PASA in the annual St. Johns Grand Prix which is held on the runways and taxiways of the St. Johns, AZ airport.

We have also hosted events at Phoenix International Raceway and Arizona Motorsports Park.

Since we are in IKF Region 7 we will also make trips to Nevada and California to run on tracks like California Speedway at Fontana and the various tracks at Willow Springs.

How are SWK events run?

How Points are determined:

Here’s the point system we’ll use for 2007. There are a few changes in it to rate each group as high as the others. It’s a little complicated, but this is how the system works:

Events run with a Qualification Heat and Race format

The point scale used is equal to the number of people in the largest group.
You get points for your qualifying time in your group.
You get points for how you finish in your group in the qualifying race.
You get points for how you finish overall, this will be calculated using all karts entered.

Events run with an Enduro format

The point scale used is equal to the number of people in the largest group.
You get points for your qualifying time in your group.
You get points for how you finish in your group.
You get points for how you finish overall.
These are added to the Enduro Equalizer points.

Enduro Equalizer

The qualifying time for each racer is used to figure out how many laps could be done in the allotted race time.
That number is subtracted from the actual number of laps that are done.
The Lap Delta is then ranked with the other racers.
The driver that was the closest to their predicted number of laps received points equal to the number of racers.
The farther away from their predicted number of laps, the fewer points a racer receives.

If we run an Australian Pursuit Format Race

Race is based on the concept of staggering the starting position/tim of a kart using it’s best Qualifiying Race Time.
That time is multiplied by the number of laps in the race to give a total race time
The starting time of each racer is staggered so that each should theoritically finish at the same time.
Start time gaps may be adjusted for kart type (eg: clutch v. shifter)

We have four groups.

250 cc twins and singles, 450 cc four strokes and other “exotic” karts.

125 cc adult gearbox karts.

All adult electric start, one speed karts.
Other adult karts may be included depending on performance (80cc Shifters, etc…).

Slower performance karts (KT100’s Laydowns, etc…).

Junior and or slower drivers will be permitted to run based how lap times and/or observed perfomance. Too large of a speed/lap time difference and the junior will not run. We will attempt to have a lower cost Junior/Rookie school and driving sessions, advance notice required. It may be necessary to have the slower karts run practice only.

Overall points standing is the total of Class Qualifying, Class Finish, and Overall Finish.
All four groups will have their own season championship.

How do I post my own Race Reports?

Two ways.  You can email the report to either Benn or Dave (along with a photo if you have one) and we will be happy to post it for you.  Or, you can press the link to the left that says to Register.  Once you have created your own account on the site (and we have raised your status from Subscriber to Author) you can login to the site and post your own report in the Race Reports category.  Here are the detailed steps…

1. Login
2. Select “Write” from the menu at the top
3. Fill in the Title box. For example enter your name/track/date, etc…
4. In the Post box either  type in your report or paste the text in from something else (word, etc…).
5. DO NOT CHECK the “Notify everyone (regardless of subsription).

Now to upload your picture(s) to accompany your post.

6. Select the “Browse” button on the right hand side of the field called “File” Note: See below for some advice on photos.
7. This opens a normal “Choose File” dialog box. Find the file on your local computer you want to upload. Click on it and then select the “Open” button. If you want you can give the photo a Title and a description.
8. Press the “Upload” button.
9. Leave the settings “Show Thumbnail” and “Link File” just like they are.
10. Now, up in the box where you typed your report place the cursor where you want the picture to be located.
11. Press the button “Send to editor”
12. Over on the right hand side in the Categories menu place a check in the “Race Report” categories box.
13. If you want people to be able to comment about your post leave the Comments and Ping boxes checked. Otherwise uncheck them.
14. Press the “Publish” button

Now you can “View site” and see your post in the “Race Reports” category!

A Note about posting and uploading your picture in your reports. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pay attention to the size of the picture you want to upload. Resize the image so that it is no more than 600 pixels wide.  Not because of a limitation on our end but to be kind to the person that will click on the thumbnail to view the full size picture.