Roadracing in Arizona & New Mexico

2008 Championship

Description of how points are awarded is at the bottom of the page.

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The SouthWest Karters 2008 Points System

You get points for your qualifying time in your group (all practice sessions are timed).
You get points for how you finish in your group.
You get points for how you finish overall.
These are added to the Equalizer points (these points reward consistency).
The point scale used is equal to the number of people in the largest group.

This means that the number of points you can earn at an event varies depending on the number of people that enter.

Equalizer Points

The qualifying time for each racer is used to figure out a predicted race time.
That is subtracted from the actual finish time a racer dose.
That Delta is then ranked with the other racers.
The driver that was the closest to their predicted race time receives points equal to the number of racers.
The farther away from their predicted number of laps, the fewer points a racer receives.

Overall points standing is the total of Class Qualifying, Class Finish, and Overall Finish.
All four groups will have their own season championship.

Ultimately, You need to be able to set a fast time and do it lap after lap while racing and winning in a large group.